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Benaldo, Bigcas show signs of personality problems: psych teacher

By Herbie Gomez

ONE displays an “imeldific” lifestyle while the other shows off his motorcycles stunts. They’re lively, dramatic, vivacious, enthusiastic, appear to be overly concerned with how they look––and both have a penchant for expensive cars.

MUSCLES. Lynard Allan Bigcas and Jose Benjamin Benaldo, representative of Cagayan de Oro, flex some muscles in these photos posted on the Internet.

The similarities between Cagayan de Oro Rep. Jose Benjamin Benaldo of the 1st District of Cagayan de Oro and Lynard Allan Bigcas, the man linked to big-time smuggling, arms possession and now illegal drugs, are striking and too conspicuous even one with an untrained eye would suspect that something different is taking place behind all that loudness, and the superficial appearance they put on.

“All I’m saying is, all the signs and tendencies are there,” said psychology teacher Vera Dereka Orcullo as she expressed concern for one of the city’s representatives to the Lower House.

Orcullo, who teaches personality psychology and abnormal psychology in two of the city’s biggest schools, said the congressman’s “inner conflicts” would likely take its toll on public service sooner or later, if it hasn’t been affecting his work in the Lower House yet.

Orcullo gave this unsolicited advice: “He (Benaldo) should try to seek counseling. It’s acceptable, there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m sure he has inner conflicts that needs to be resolved.”

She said Benaldo’s behavior and lifestyle––his fondness for expensive designer clothing and accessories, gadgets, cars, parties and barhopping, attention-grabbing videos and photos of himself or with celebrities and even his frequent trips abroad––were signs of histrionic personality disorder (HPD).

Such condition is characterized by  intense, unstable emotions, distorted self-images and “high need for attention,” said Orcullo.

“He doesn’t behave like he’s forty-something and that’s probably because he is ‘feeling young’ and wants to show it to people. This is not to say that it’s already a disorder. These are merely tendencies and symptoms,” she said.

She said there is no way that a person with signs of HPD could be properly diagnosed unless he or she undergoes a thorough assessment and evaluation by a licensed professional using appropriate behavior measuring tools.

But as Orcullo watched Benaldo’s eyebrow-raising 55-second boxing video production on YouTube, she snapped: “What for?”

She said the widely criticized “political infomercial” was apparently not intended for the congressman’s politics. Rather, she opined, “it was to grab attention.”

“His ways are not conventional and he is so unlike most politicians. All politicians want attention because they need it for political purposes but they do it appropriately. Their motivation is politics and not self-gratification,” Orcullo said.

She said people with HPD are attention seekers who have an excessive need for approval. Often, she said, they exhibit inappropriate behavior intended to get attention and have the tendency to be vain and flirtatious.

She said people with HPD also tend to exaggerate their emotions and behavior––like pulling off motorcycle and car stunts in public even when they are not asked to or going to a depressed area dressed up like a matinee idol.

“Sometimes, they’re even happy with bad publicity because their real purpose is to get attention,” said Orcullo. “They exaggerate and dramatize their difficulties.”

Bigcas in tears during a news conference last year. (File photo)

She said they also have good social skills which are often used to manipulate other people so that they would become the center of attention from which they draw satisfaction. “That probably explains why Benaldo wants to be seen in public with foreigners and celebrities.”

People with HPD have the tendency to party a lot or go to expensive places so they would be associated with those who are popular, she said.

“They could place themselves in risky situations, and they don’t care what other people think because it’s all about self-gratification. They are happy to think nga daghan gakasuya sa ilaha,” she said. “But the truth is, they’re the ones who are really feeling insecure.”

The problem, she said, is people with HPD often do not see the real picture, and indulge in fantasies that they are superior and their critics are merely insecure of them. Generally, they do not believe  they need professional help.

Orcullo said the condition could worsen unless people with symptoms of HPD seek intervention. “It could damage one’s normal thinking and normal actions, and affect a person’s behavior toward other people. The worst thing that could happen is if it becomes neurotic.”

She said the condition develops as a result of repressed emotions during childhood, and the signs come out during early adulthood.

“In most cases, the disorder results from lack of attention and approval at home during childhood,” Orcullo said.

CAGAYAN DE ORO’S CONGRESSMAN. Rep. Jose Benjamin Benaldo of the city’s 1st District shows his form in a 55-second video production posted on YouTube. The political informercial, sharply criticized, has gone viral on the social networking site Facebook in the wake of serious questions on the congressman’s lavish lifestyle and behavioral attributes.

Orcullo said factors that might cause the disorder include a lack of criticism or punishment as a child, positive reinforcement that is given only when a child completes certain approved behaviors, and unpredictable attention given to a child by his or her parent. All these, she said, could lead to confusion about what types of behavior earn parental approval.

The condition, she said, should be taken seriously because unless some intervention is made, “a person’s excessive need for attention could pose dangers to himself and other people.”

“Some go to the extent of jumping off a cliff just to get attention because they feel that the things they do are no longer enough for self-gratification. They would always crave for more,” Orcullo said.

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17 Responses to "Benaldo, Bigcas show signs of personality problems: psych teacher"

  1. Elson T. Elizaga says:

    Interesting analysis. Psychological profiles of all politicians should be made and published.

  2. KCB-123 says:

    Congressman with HPD shame to us Kagayanon

  3. puffymicah says:

    no comment kay panason ra gihapon ang comment nga tinood… hehe gudluck nalang congresman benaldo sa imo disorder…. padayon abnormal pilipino….

  4. bob ocio says:

    histrionic personality disorder, * ” Ka…pa.. ya shun:::” a disorder characterized by dramatic, reactive, and intensely exaggerated behavior, which is typically self-centered. It results in severe disturbance in interpersonal relationships that can lead to psychosomatic disorders, depression, alcoholism, and drug dependency. Symptoms include emotional excitability, such as irrational angry outbursts or tantrums; abnormal craving for activity and excitement; overreaction to minor events; manipulative threats and gestures; egocentricity; inconsiderateness; inconsistency; and continuous demand for reassurance generated by feelings of helplessness and dependency. A person with this disorder is perceived by others as vain, demanding, superficial, self-centered, and self-indulgent. The disorder is more prevalent in women than in men and is treated by various psychotherapies, depending on the individual and the severity of the condition.

  5. egay says:

    “People with HPD have the tendency to party a lot or go to expensive places so they would be associated with those who are popular, the [psychology teacher] said.” HPD should mean Hu Paid Dem?

  6. Bambi says:

    Klaro man nga may diperensya ila utok

  7. Big Fat Lie says:

    What a self serving analysis from someone who just wants to make money from this rich people. Marami namang mga ganyan na mahilig mag party at barhopping so lahat sila may TOPAK? Just look at the pictures of most people in FB naka iPhone, na ka sip ug Starbucks, pa cute, pa model modelan like the strying hard felling models of Cagayan de Oro from that imaginary Glitiratti agency and the likes. You know birds of the same feather flock together. I bet lahat ng mga tao na sinabi ko has the same problem as with Benjo and Allan Bigcas. Mayabang lang talaga ang mga PINOY kahit wala pa tayong gold sa Olympics, Worldcup at Miss World kung umasta tayo parang da best na in the Universe. Dapat ang kayabanagan nsa lugar. Pag nanalo pa yang Benjo na yan at pag nanalo sa election si Bigcas sana magunaw na ang mundo dahil ibig sabihin niyan wala na talagang pag-asa ang CDO at ang mundo.

  8. marko says:

    ingon ana ang mga bayot!

  9. Bomb says:

    Pareho na sila mga kapayason. One time, I was on board a Cebu Pac bound for CdeO. Delayed mi for 25 mins kay naa daw gi hulat. Then the VIP came on board, no other than Benjo Benaldo. I never knew it was him. Na kita na lang dayon naku iya mga tarps pag abot CdeO. Katawa pang buang. Daghan kaayo mga passengers nang reklamo. Unsa may iyang na himo diha CdeO, naa ba?

  10. SAT says:

    Benjo wlay nahimo! puro pahambog! During a gathering in 4ID, the people felt aghast because benjo displayed his being “kutis” conscious by way of asking his bodyguards to shade him with umbrella. Pakaulaw!

  11. BadihaDocdoc says:

    ang duktur gusto man pod diay musikat pareha sa duha…bisan naay praybacy rayts ang pasyente..ako diagnosis sa duktur pareha pod: masinahun pirsunaliti order by Dr. Oka, Phd in Libakology

    • diana says:

      Naa ba diay doctor dha? Psych teacher ra gani oh nag comment lang sa iya na observe. Basa basa din ug tarong pag naay time migo!

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